Sweet Potato & Carrot Mash Bowl

Serves 4

This is the best bowl! It’s so comforting and delicious, I always feel amazing at the end of it. The mash is just a dream, it’s so sweet and almost creamy while the chickpeas are perfectly crunchy – so together they create the perfect contrast of textures in each bite! The garlicky spinach adds a…

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Guest Recipe: My New Roots Kale Sushi Rolls

I’m so excited to feature a recipe from the amazing Sarah at My New Roots, she’s been one of my foodie heroes since the beginning so it’s quite an honour that she wants to share a recipe with us all here! I flicked through her beautiful new book and picked this beautiful veggie sushi as…

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Mango and Sesame Quinoa

Serves 2

I’m having quite a mango obsession at the moment, it’s just my favourite food and I want to eat it with everything! I love pairing something so sweet with more savoury flavours, like tamari, sesame and quinoa – it just creates such an interesting mix that really makes each bite so awesome. The avocado works…

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Video: Pesto Pasta

This pesto pasta is my go-to comfort food – a big bowl of it always make me so happy! I make it most Sunday nights and it always feels like the best end to the week. As I love it so much I thought I should make a video of the recipe for you so…

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