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Ten Minute Mango Pancakes


I woke up really craving something this week and couldn’t figure out for hours what is was, so I decided that it must be pancakes, mainly because pancakes are amazing and I hadn’t had them in a while. The problem was that I was away from home and so didn’t have all my ingredients with me, which meant that I had to make something really simple. I really didn’t think they were really going to work as I just threw anything we had into a food processor and whizzed it into a mix, but I was happy at the thought of enjoying a sort of pancake-esq mess so it didn’t matter, but I was so wrong – they were the best pancakes I’d ever made! Sadly I hadn’t written down the recipe as I thought it wouldn’t be worth sharing so I then spent ages yesterday trying to recreate them and finally did, so I hope you love these as much as I do! They’re honestly so simple and require so few ingredients, it’s so awesome – all you need are oats, ripe bananas, nut butter, water and some mango. So much goodness, so much simplicity, so much happiness! The ingredients take about two minutes to whizz together and then you just need to fry them up, serve them and enjoy!

Whilst I’ve been away I’ve been focusing on my book too, which is so much fun. Anyways the book is dedicated to all my amazing readers, as without you I would never be where I am today – so really thank you so much for reading this, it means so much. Anyways I would love to ask you two things, firstly I’m going to include a big questions section so that I can cover all your most frequently asked questions in depth. So I would love you to comment with all your questions under this blog post. And secondly I’d also love to include some quotes from you about the effect that Deliciously Ella food has had on you and your life, so if you’d like to share something with me then I’d absolutely love to hear from you via email to Have a lovely Easter everyone!


Ingredients for twenty five small pancakes:

- 2 ripe bananas (270g)

- 4 slices of mango (180g)

- 1 cup of blueberries (150g)

- 1 and a 1/2 cups of oats (240g)

- 3 tablespoons of nut butter (I used cashew butter)

- coconut oil, for greasing the pan

- 2 cups of water

- a pinch of salt


Simply peel the bananas, then place the bananas, mango, oats, nut butter, water and salt into a food processor and whizz for a minute of so until the mix is nice and smooth. Then transfer the mix into a bowl and stir in the blueberries, if you’re using them. Let the mixture sit for a couple of minutes before you start cooking so that the oats can absorb some of the liquid. 

While the mixture sits, heat up a non-stick frying pan and grease it with a little coconut oil. Once the pan is really hot place a heaped tablespoons worth of mix onto it and allow it to cook for about two minutes, before flipping it over and letting the other side cook until it begins to brown. It’s really important that you don’t flip the pancakes too early though – wait until the top side no longer looks like the runny mix in the bowl, but it’s starting to look firm and cooked, at which point flip it over.

These pancakes are really small so even in a small pan you can get three or four going at the same time.

Then serve and enjoy!

coconut and quinoa porridge

Coconut Porridge

I might go as far as to say this is the world’s best porridge. It’s just so insanely rich and creamy, yet so nourishing and health enhancing! The trick to getting the perfect consistency here is using a mix of coconut milk, coconut oil, banana and almond butter – such a winning combination, and trust me it’s so addictive! I’ve been waking up craving this porridge most days. It’s such a speedy breakfast too, it literally takes ten minutes and will keep you energised and buzzing for hours thanks to all the incredible metabolism boosting fats, plant protein and fibre. I love how warming it is too, so perfect for the wintery months. It tastes unbelievably good just on its own as the banana gives a wonderful sweetness, the almond butter adds a nutty touch and the coconut adds a tropical blend, but the toppings are pretty fun too – I love my toppings! My favourites are fresh blueberries, raw cacao nibs, juicy raisins or goji berries, bee pollen, raw honey and crushed nuts or seeds. Once you’ve added all of the toppings you will have more goodness and energy in your body than you know what to do with! If you’re in a rush it’s a lovely dinner for one too, especially if you’re after something sweet!

I know people are nervous of fats, but please trust me on this one – they’re so good for you and we all really need them to look and feel our best! Coconuts are the perfect fat source too as they have been shown to help balance blood sugar, improve metabolism, help thyroid function and improve good versus bad cholesterol levels. They also contain lovely antioxidants that help to protect our bodies from disease! If you want to read more on it there’s a great Huffington Post article here.

Coconut and quinoa porridge

Serves 1

- 1 cup of water

- 1/3 a cup of oats

- 4 tablespoons of coconut milk

- 1 tablespoon of almond butter

- 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

- 1 banana

- Optional: 1 tablespoon of maca powder for an extra energy boost

My favourite toppings:

- fresh blueberries

- bee pollen and raw honey

- crushed nuts or seeds

- raisins and goji berries

- cacao nibs

Coconut and Quinoa Porridge

Simply add the oats, water, coconut milk and slices of banana to a saucepan and allow it to heat for about ten minutes, until the liquid has all been absorbed. Then stir in the almond butter and coconut oil and let them dissolve into mix. Once it’s all nicely mixed pour it into a bowl, add all your favourite toppings and then it’s ready to enjoy!

banana bread

Banana Bread

banana bread

This is the perfect recipe, it’s so simple, incredibly delicious and amazingly healthy. I’ve been enjoying it this week on it’s own for breakfast or spread thick with almond butter or homemade nutella for my afternoon snack (seriously the ultimate winter comfort food for these darker days!) Either way it tastes amazing. It’s so perfectly sweet thanks to the banana with amazing caramel-like overtones from the maple syrup and a slight spice form the cinnamon. The texture is divine too, nicely soft and squishy yet still so satisfying and slightly hearty. It’s a wonderful thing to keep stored in your kitchen too for when you’re after something sweet as it’s just so easy to make and has only seven, really easy-to-find ingredients and no complicated cooking instructions!   I think you’re going to love it!

banana breadbanana bread

Makes one loaf

- 5 large over-ripe bananas

- 1 cup of almonds

- 2 cups of pecans

- 1 cup of buckwheat or brown rice flour

- 1/2 a cup of maple syrup

- 3 tablespoons of chia seeds

- 2 tablespoons of cinnamon

banana bread

Start by pre-heating the oven to 145C. Then blend the almonds and pecans in a food processor so that they form a flour, this should take about thirty seconds. Once it’s smooth remove the flour and add it to a mixing bowl with the buckwheat flour, maple syrup, chia seeds and cinnamon, mixing them all together.

Next mash the bananas together until smooth before stirring them into the bread mix, at this point the mixture should be really nice and sticky.

Grease a loaf tin with coconut oil and then pour in the mix and allow it to bake for about an hour.

Creamy Banana Buckwheat Porridge

Creamy Banana Buckwheat Porridge

Creamy Banana Buckwheat Porridge

Before I tell you all about this amazing recipe, I have some huge and really exciting news to share! I don’t know how many of you have read the about me section of the blog but if you have then you’ll know that I first started eating in this really clean way to try and heal a chronic illness. Over the last eighteen months I have been getting better and better and finally a month ago something clicked and guess what… it seems that I’m actually better again! All of my symptoms have disappeared, I’ve come off every single one of my medications and I just feel amazing! Even when I caught flu this week none of my symptoms came back, when they would normally have been at their absolute worst. It’s just unbelievable, I’ve gone from not being able to stand for even 10 minutes to running around for 12 hours straight with energy to spare! This was an illness I thought I would be battling my whole life, taking medication forever and constantly struggling to keep up with everyone else, but through the incredibly power of food I really have healed myself and I just had to share my excitement about this with you! Food is the most incredible medicine ever and I feel so grateful to have found a way through this illness, so thank you all for supporting the blog as it really has been the best incentive to keep going and get to this point now!

Creamy Banana Buckwheat Porridge

Anyways moving on to this week’s recipe though! This week for me has been all about warming comfort foods as the weather gets colder and flu season moves in, so I’ve been experimenting with different types of winter porridges and this creamy banana buckwheat porridge with cinnamon, homemade almond milk and fresh berries was my favourite. It really is so delicious and it makes you feel so amazing, super light and energetic yet perfectly satisfied and full. The trick about cooking porridge is adding all the delicious ingredients at the begining so that as the buckwheat groats cook and expand they absorb all the amazing flavours making the final bowl a million times more flavoursome than if you add them at the end. I love stirring in manuka honey, slices of banana and ground cinnamon as they all totally melt into the buckwheat to make it so amazingly sweet and creamy, I then add almond milk for extra creaminess before stirring in some almond butter and baobab at the end. I add the baobab powder for a sweet fruity flavour and to get in some extra vitamin C, as it’s such a rich source of the immune-boosting vitamin – much richer than things like oranges, so it’s great for winter. A bowl of this is such an amazingly healthy way to start your day too, you’ll be getting lots of energising plant protein from the almond milk and almond butter, as well as lots of potassium from the banana, anti-inflammatory goodness from the honey, buckets of vitamin C from the baobab and lots of magnesium from the buckwheat, while the cinnamon will be working to regulate and stabilise your blood sugar to keep your energy levels, and therefore your mood, perfectly stable and happy. There’s so much fibre in each bowl of this too, which means that the energy will be released slowly throughout the morning so you won’t feel hungry for hours. The whole thing is also totally gluten free and grain free, so unlike oat porridge it will make everyone feel amazing no matter how many allergies they have, it’s really easy to make too and any adjustment of milk, toppings works perfectly! I love adding raisins, berries, banana slices, chia seeds, crushed hazelnuts and dried fruit.

Serves 2

- 1 cup of buckwheat grouts

- 2 cups of homemade almond milk

- 1 cup of water

- 2 ripe bananas

- 1 tablespoon of manuka honey (or pure maple syrup if you don’t eat honey)

- 2 teaspoons of cinnamon


- 1 tablespoon of almond butter

- 1 tablespoon of baobab powder

Start by putting the buckwheat into a pan with one of boiling water, allow this to heat for a couple of minutes. Then stir in the sliced bananas, cinnamon and honey. Once the water is absorbed add one cup of almond milk and stir well. Allow it to keep cooking and gradually add in the second cup of almond milk when it’s needed – don’t let the buckwheat run out of liquid ever. It should take about 20 minutes to cook completely, at which point stir in the almond butter and baobab if you’re using them and then top with anything you like! Then serve and enjoy.

Acai and Baobab Breakfast Bowl

Acai, Berry and Baobab Breakfast Bowl

I fell a bit out of love with breakfast last week, for some reason I could just never figure out what exactly I wanted and so my smoothies, juices and granola bowls never quite hit the spot… until this bowl, which magically rekindled my love of breakfast, smoothie bowls and all things pink! I originally made this recipe for the super-foods company Organic Burst, which was really exciting as I’m such a huge fan of their products so it was awesome to be asked to do something for them. Anyway I just loved the recipe so much that I thought it would be a shame not to share it with you all too, so here it is – my acai, berry and baobab breakfast bowl, the perfect remedy for grey autumn mornings! It’s so wonderfully sweet and fruity with the best texture ever. The mix of frozen banana and acai somehow turns the smoothie into the creamiest, almost silky consistency which just melts-in-your-mouth.

If you’ve never tried the two superfoods in here, acai and baobab, then I’d so recommend getting some, they’re magical – so tasty, so energising and so awesome! Acai is crazy rich in antioxidants, with one of the highest levels ever tested, closely followed by other berries, which are in abundance in this bowl so each spoonful protects your body from the free-radical damage that can lead to chronic diseases. The baobab then works to boost your vitamin C and iron levels (did you know that it contains more vitamin C than oranges and more iron that red meat?) while also boosting your calcium, potassium and magnesium levels. Of course the rest of the bowl will also do you wonders, with the almond butter giving you a delicious spoonful of healthy fats and plant protein and the berries, dates and banana loading you up on an amazing array of life-giving vitamins and minerals so that you’re all ready to go for an amazing day!

Acai, Berry and Baobab Breakfast Bowl

Serves 1

- 1 frozen banana

- 1 cup of strawberries

- 1/2 a cup of blueberries

- 1/2 a cup of raspberries

- 2 medjool dates

- 1 tablespoon of almond butter

- 1 heaped tablespoon of acai powder

- 1 heaped teaspoon of baobab powder

(You can add a handful of spinach too if you want some more greens and it won’t really alter the awesome flavour!)

For the full recipe head on over to Organic Burst

Acai, Berry and Baobab Breakfast Bowl