I just wanted to let you know that the newest app update is now live on the iPhone and the Android. So there are twenty three new recipes waiting for you on your phone! There are some delicious new and exclusive recipes from a chocolate and vanilla chia pudding to an almond stir fry, a fennel and orange salad, beetroot and parsley shots and sesame roasted cauliflower. Then all the newest blog recipes have been added too so you’ll have all your favourites on your phone from the date and pecan loaf to the salted vanilla almond butter cups and my pea and spinach pesto pasta! We’ve also update the app to work with the latest apple update so there shouldn’t be any issues with it, if you are having any issues then try deleting it and re-installing it (which is free) and this should fix anything! If you’re interesting in buying the app so that you can have all these recipes with you all the time then there are links to it on the right hand side of the page – the recipes on it are almost all different to the book too incase anyone was wondering.